About Us

Our mission

The Community Reel Arts Center’s mission is to enhance the cultural and economic vitality of the Stowe Rocks community and the surrounding neighborhood through the medium and art of film.

We believe that this is best accomplished on two fronts. The first is by working cooperatively toward developing and maintaining a lively and robust local economy. The Community Reel Arts Center and The Parkway Theater, operating in the midst of a community of like minded businesses who share an interest in the economic well being of the neighborhood, will strengthen the community through mutual participation.

The second front is education and entertainment supported by a shared sense of community. The Community Reel Arts Center is committed to partnering with local schools and other community organizations to provide opportunities for people to explore and learn about film from artistic, critical, and technical perspectives. Workshops and critical screenings/discussions will provide a springboard from which to advance peoples’ interest in film.

The Parkway Theater has always and will continue to show films from local and Hollywood independent filmmakers representing a wide variety of viewpoints. Raising consciousness about film and its relevance to modern life and culture and integrating that understanding into community offerings to educate people about the possibilities for gaining a positive voice for change through film and the arts are mission goals of the Community Reel Arts Center.

Our history

The Parkway Theater was first envisioned as a theater/restaurant/canteen which would support itself through sales of tickets, food, drink and alcohol. Any surplus would go toward a working capital fund to enable improvements, hold workshops and community initiatives.

First we secured and performed initial restoration and renovation on the old abandoned theater at 644 Broadway Avenue in the Stowe Rocks neighborhood.

Since those initial renovations were completed we have been operating as an independent art house theater showing a diverse range of independent, international, alternative documentary and avant-garde films. We have hosted events and concerts and made the theater available for hire to private parties.

In August, 2016 we began a new round of renovations toward a newer and better version of The Parkway Theater which will broaden our ability to realize our vision. We’ll still be the Parkway Theater our patrons have come to know and love, only better!

The new Parkway Theater will open in Fall of 2017. We will have a completely re-done main theater/screening room to provide a superior viewing experience together with The Film Loungeā€”a limited menu restaurant and bar which will offer myriad beverage options, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The film lounge will have its own smaller screen for films and sporting events and maybe a zombie or three. We are partnering with our friends at the Abjuration Brewing Company, a local independent brewery of fine craft beers, to install a brewery and adjacent tap room.

From our grand opening onward people will be able to enjoy food and drink in The Film Lounge or choose from an ever changing selection of wonderful craft beer brewed on premises by the good folks at Abjuration Brewing. Complete carry through will be available so patrons can enjoy their food and beverages in The Film Lounge, the main theater, or in the tap room.

There will be many other surprises and special events courtesy of The Parkway Theater. Be sure to like us on Facebook and visit our FB page for pictures and updates as they happen. You can visit the Abjuration Brewing Company’s Facebook page and their website. Give them a shout and let ’em know you’re glad they’re here.