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We want the Parkway Theater to be the definitive cinema of choice for film lovers and filmmakers alike. The Parkway Theater will get you excited about learning more about the films you see, showing a variety of new domestic independent films, documentaries and foreign films. Come celebrate ideas and promote the appreciation and understanding of film.

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American Relapse (Doc) 2019
Saturday 4/6 – 3:00pm & 10:00pm
Trailer: https://youtu.be/Qnzs82-B4hMFri 4/5 – 7:00pm, 9:45pm
Sat 4/6 – 3:00pm, 10:00pm
Mon 4/8 – 7:30pm
Tues 4/9 – 6:30pm
Wed 4/10 – 8:30pm
Thurs 4/11 – 6:00pm

Two recovering addicts strive to help South Florida junkies get clean in Pat McGee and Adam Linkenhelt’s insightful documentary.

As if it weren’t difficult enough to survive their drug habits — as well as lives on the streets — addicts in Delray Beach, Fla. must also contend with a predatory healthcare industry that views them as a source of continued profit. That’s the argument made by “American Relapse,” directors Pat McGee and Adam Linkenhelt’s illuminating documentary about two recovering addicts, Frankie Holmes and Allie Severino, striving to get desperate men and women the help they need.

American Relapse views an obscenely lucrative drug-rehab industry through the eyes of two people trying to do good while making a buck. Recovering addicts Frank Holmes and Allie Severino cruise the streets of Florida’s Delray Beach, the “recovery capital of America,” trying to get drug users to enter detox while dealing with roadblocks caused by both our health care system and the biology of addiction. Lacking in some respects but an eye-opener for those who’ve never dealt with this world, the doc is more involving thanks to its narrow scope, even if that tight focus leaves us with unanswered questions.

Stockholm (2019)
April 26th – May 2nd
Fri 4/26 – 6:30pm, 10:00pm
Sat 4/27 – 3:00pm, 5:00pm
Sun 4/28 – 2:00pm
Tues 4/30 – 6:30pm
Wed 5/1 – 9:00pm
Thur 5/2 – 6:00pm

STOCKHOLM is based on the absurd but true story of a 1973 bank heist and hostage crisis documented in the 1974 New Yorker article “The Bank Drama” by Daniel Lang. The film follows Lars Nystrom, (Ethan Hawke) who dons a disguise to raid a central Stockholm bank. He then takes hostages in order to spring his pal Gunnar (Mark Strong) from prison. One of the hostages includes Bianca (Noomi Rapace), a wife and mother of two. Negotiations with detectives hits a wall when (at the request of the Prime Minister) the police refuse to let Lars leave in a getaway car with the hostages. As hours turn into days, Lars alternates between threatening the hostages and making them feel comfortable and secure. The hostages develop an uneasy relationship with their captor, which is particularly complex for Bianca, who develops a strong bond with Lars as she witnesses his caring nature. This connection gave rise to the psychological phenomenon known as “Stockholm syndrome”.

2019 Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival
A Horror Film Festival Created By Horror Filmmakers For Horror Fans

It is our wish to showcase the work of filmmakers from around the world as well as the many great filmmakers in our local area.

Pittsburgh Horror Film Fest is a horror film festival created by horror filmmakers for horror fans that is held in Pittsburgh Pa., every April. As film auteurs ourselves, we appreciate the blood, sweat & tears that go into making movies. We also understand that the fans are ready for something different!


Ticket Packages:   https://squareup.com/store/film-lounge

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