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RETURNS Friday November 26th!!
Documentary, Biography
11/26- 6:30pm, 8:00pm
11/28 – 2:00pm
12/1 – 8:15pm
12/2 – 7:00pm
When Rolling Stone editor and longtime friend Jason Fine drops by the L.A. home of songwriter, producer and Beach Boys co-founder Brian Wilson, Fine suggests they cruise around the city he knows so well to visit old haunts and give Brian the opportunity to reflect on his life and music. They first head to Paradise Cove – photo session site for the Beach Boys’ first LP – then to Hollywood, Malibu, and the stomping grounds of hometown Hawthorne. Spontaneously “spinning” Mp3s of his favorite cuts along the way, Brian delves into his childhood, his contentious relationship with dad Murry, the nine-year “prison sentence” under the “guidance” of Dr. Landy, his struggles with depression and mental illness, his love for brothers Dennis and Carl, and the many recording sessions. Weighing in are admirers and those close to him, including Al Jardine, Don Was, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John and Linda Perry. Punctuated with memorable concert, studio and interview footage and graced by the new song “Right Where I Belong,” recorded specifically for this film, this entertaining, informative, at times heart-tugging road trip provides both a first-hand, intimate look into Wilson’s storied life and further inspiration to anyone who has been touched by his music.

Kurt Vonnegut


12/1 – 6:15pm

12/2 – 8:30pm

Almost eight years after his death, KURT VONNEGUT  remains one of the most popular literary figures of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Readers from one generation to the next, the world over, continue to find their lives transformed by his comic and cosmic insights, on display in such bestselling books as Cat’s Cradle, Slaughterhouse-Five, Breakfast of Champions, Mother Night, God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, and on and on. Amazingly, all of Vonnegut’s works remain in print, and his popularity shows no sign of waning. Yet to-date, there has been no definitive film documentary covering his extraordinary life and work.ROBERT WEIDE has been trying to correct that oversight for 33 years. In 2015, with your help, it will finally happen.


Coming Soon

Opens December 3rd
A 17th-century nun becomes entangled in a forbidden lesbian affair, but it’s her shocking religious visions that threaten to shake the Church to its very core.
12/3 – 7:00pm
12/4 – 9:00pm
12/5 – 5:00pm
12/9 – 6:45pm, 9:15pm
The events of the movie occur during the 17th century. The main character is Benedetta Carlini, who is an Italian nun in the abbey of a convent in Tuscany. She was considered to be mystical and venerated by her religious entourage, and finally Benedetta was arrested and judged for sapphism.
Gruß vom Krampus!!
Support adventurous film exhibition in Pittsburgh with Jump Cut’s second annual Cookies with Krampus Holiday Fundraiser!
‘Twas the night before Krampusnacht, and you’re expecting presents. There will be no candy in your shoes tonight, you wicked little beasts!
Nothing says Xmas better than an evening of Cookies with Krampus. Before his Krampuslauf, Krampus will be at the The Parkway Theater on Saturday, December 4th for food, drink, pictures, prizes aplenty, and a special screening of the Mexican holiday classic “Santa Claus vs The Devil”….so break out the cowbells and birch twigs; dress up as your best wicked child, devil, Krampus, or any holiday-themed character. We’ll have door prizes for best costume and longest tongue and silent auctions including an original Krampus painting by local artist Bob Jakub of bobby’s Box of Stuff!
About the film: Pittsburgh’s hottest new holiday film is “Santa Claus vs The Devil”. Opening in 1959, this film has everything; frolicking demons, bad dubbing, child labor, mechanical reindeer, and a TSA-on-steroids Santa who takes spying to the next level.
Happy hour at 5pm, film screens at 7pm.
Admission is free – donations are appreciated!
The Parkway Theater has a full bar!
All money raised from this event will fund Jump Cut’s programs and operating costs for the new year!

Live Music

12/11/21  Live Jazz – Jimmy Z Trio 7pm – 10pm

Comedy Events

Comedy on The Rocks – Every Friday Night – 9pm

David Kaye’s  ‘How The Eggnog Ruined Christmas’ (Treasured tales of yuletide family dysfunction)  is testament that Christmas is not always decked with boughs of holly and as cheery as a Norman Rockwell painting.  The show is a salute to the yinzer yuletide spirit and includes memories of a hard drinking, cigarette smoking, steel mill working Polish father, a quick witted, hot headed HoJo’s waitress mother, and the ensuing insanity of the Christmas holiday.

Imagine a musical mash up of Charles Dickens “The Christmas Carol” and John O’Brien’s “Leaving Las Vegas” set in Pittsburgh and performing it live on stage.

Filled with hair raising mid-20th century stories of a Yinzer family dystopia, Kaye unwraps the holiday with classic Christmas song parodies and tales of Yuletide misfortune.   David Kaye lampoons this hallowed holiday in a comedic Christmas assault that includes visits from “gifts” of Christmas past as he exposes painfully hilarious presents found under the Christmas tree.

Caroline Hawthorne as Little Baby Jezus
Mike Wysocki as Lenny Spruce
Music by SLEIGHER featuring Krampus & Saint Nicholas
FILTHIER than a sack full of chimney soot. From mistletoe to the virgin birth, no part of this Christmas story is safe from satire.

Facebook Event LINK

Featuring live music from Pittsburgh’s only Krampus band “SLEIGHER”
7:00pm – Show Only featuring SLEIGHER UNPLUGGED – $15.00

9:30pm – Show PLUS live music after party featuring SLEIGHER

Show + Sleigher Lounge Party
Sleigher Lounge Party ONLY
Limited Tickets Available at Door

The Best Trivia Night In Pittsburgh!!

Every Thursday 

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Welcome to Pittsburgh’s first Movie Theater, Brewery, full service Bar/Lounge housed under one roof!

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